After we obtain a court order sealing your record, we will distribute certified copies of the order to all the law enforcement agencies and courts listed in your petition.  Upon receiving the order, these agencies and courts will send our office a letter confirming they have sealed the record.  We will send you a packet which will include these confirming letters. Congratulations your record has been sealed!

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1st step: contact Nevada record fix today so we can get started

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2nd step: We will seal your record

sealing your criminal record is as easy as 1-2-3

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        We will begin drafting your petition immediately.  We will need you to sign a privacy release authorization before a notary and provide a fingerprint card so we can obtain your arrest record.  When you call, our staff will explain how to obtain the fingerprint card.  After we receive these materials, all you need to do is kick back while your record is sealed.  We will do all the heavy lifting from here on out.  

        Our attorneys and staff are ready to answer your questions and begin the process of sealing your record.  We can tell you over the phone if you are eligible to have your record sealed, and we can get started today.  

3rd step: We will provide you proof your record has been sealed